Wiki demo
samples Bold's top recommendation for wiki beginners: Zoho Wiki (hosted pages)
  Bold's favorite (because of artwork) has a housekeeping function: student sign-ups. Even more powerful is the wiki as group work equalizer
  A lurking opportunity: Spring 2007 doctoral students working on a vocabulary wiki for class
  Free wiki farm as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich
  Related product: Lillian Chenoweth's blog for her Diversity class
literature Text of Bold's 2006 publication on wikis in graduate course work (full article with graphics in Journal of Interactive Learning Research)
  From ELI: 7 Things You Should Know About Wikis
  Parker & Chao on Wiki as a Teaching Tool
  Mongan-Rallis & Shannon on So Many Tools, So Little Time
micro First use: Decades was composed by teams, and we learned the obvious about synchronicity
  Another early use: there's a story about the Home button that I tell in person only
macro Wikipedia sits with 1.6 million articles; Nupedia tried first with a 7-stage review system that, alas, garnered only 200 articles in its first year (Big W garnered 20,000 in its first year)
  Scroll to bottom of Wikipedia's "main page" for list of sister projects
  Citizendium is up and running in 2007 with 1100 articles with identified authors (and review by a scholarly panel)
support Learning Objects, the company
  Blackboard, the big company, invoking Web 2.0 on the way to WikiKB
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