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Secure digital credential curation
Bb World
Expensive conference for a client event but worth it
Campus Technology
Nee Syllabus... expensive conference but more than worth it
They serve lunch to 7000 people daily at a big beautiful conference

DIY colors
on maps

  medieval helpdesk
Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) television channel in 2001
Notes with a minimum of links, to be increased in 2009.
seminars Sloan-C
The most academic of the conferences
PackItUp recently increased free annual downloads from 3 to 5
  Web 2.0 #1
Web 2.0 #2
Which would your students you prefer?
Minimum of notes
and lots of links

Wayback Machine
Research the past at The Internet Archive: enter a domain name(like www.twu.edu or www.google.com) and the Machine will produce historic pages
Reflections: Preparing for Your Practicum and Internship.
I co-authored this book with my colleague Lillian Chenoweth for child and family college majors:
Blackboard for Dummies.
I contributed (in a minor way) to this guide to the Blackboard learning management system for online courses: